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Susan McCree, MFT

My therapy style is engaged and collaborative.    Talking things through as a couple with a perceptive, empathic counselor can help each of you express what you want and need in a way that the other person can understand.  Just as important, it can help you understand your own motivations, fears and desires that get in the way of loving as easily as you would like.


There is no right or wrong way to be as a couple.  I want to know who you are, and what you need, and I want to try to help you achieve it.  Please call if you’d like to schedule an appointment (I have daytime, evening and Saturday appointments), or if you’d like to talk more about my approach and what you’re looking for.  My phone is (510) 522-8420.  My office is in Oakland not far from Piedmont and Macarthur.

You can also look at my website at
http://www.turningleaftherapy.com/susan.html .


For further information or appointment, please call: (510) 522-8420 or visit my website at http://www.turningleaftherapy.com/susan.html
  • Saturday and evening appointments available
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